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Wolfe & Associates Property Management Services, Santa Barbara, CA

January 12, 2014

Were you stressed about finals? Are you stressing about where you and your friends will live for the new school year? Let Wolfe & Associates, Property Services make it easier for you! You’ll find a complete Portfolio List under our Isla Vista Listings tab, showing you everything we have under our management. Please note that that our current residents have until the first part of January 2014 to let us know if they’ll continue their lease. After that, we’ll release our AVAILABLE property list showing the specific units that will be available. Places go fast and we approve applications on…


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Wolfe & Associates Property Services
173 Chapel Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Phone: 805-964-6770
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Email: mail@rlwa.com

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Fax - 805-964-8047
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